Intelligent Report Desktop Application

Intelligent Reporting

AI-Assisted dental reporting and documentation

Fast and easy structured reporting without typing

  • Auto detection of all the dental problems found in the dental radiograph in a matter of seconds
  • Auto analysis of the severity of the dental problems within seconds
  • Auto fill the progress notes, diagnosis, and treatments into the electronic dental records with just one click
  • Fast and easy structured reporting without typing

Document your dental cases at your electronic dental record in a descriptive way

Convert your descriptive dental reporting into Shareable Reports with patients, other dentists, and insurance companies

Time Saving

Save up to 70% of your reporting and documentation time, spending more time with your patient.

Intuitive and easy

An easy and user-friendly interface makes diagnosing, reporting and documentation simple.

Accurate documentation

Detailed and verified reporting, clear and readable documentation, minimizes legal and administrative mistakes.

Scan anywhere

With several options for scanning dental radiographs, including uploading through the app, taking a screenshot by clicking the floating icon, or drag and drop, our tool is accessible from anywhere.

Image quality enhancer

Improving the low-quality image of the patient’s dental radiograph in just one click ahead.




SWC at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University giving Lecture about the use of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry and the benefits of Intelligent Report Software.  


SWC Company Participating in Kamcj Ideathone Event.


SWC shines at the Scientific Dental Day